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Due to a very tragic turn of events Paatos is forced to cancel their European tour. Lead singer, Petronella Nettermalm’s sister has been hospitalized this weekend in critical conditions. Therefore, Glassville Music and the band have decided to cancel the whole tour in order for Petronella and her family to be with their loved ones in such hard times.

Though we were looking forward to the tour, the disappointment of cancelling it obviously doesn’t compare to the fear of losing a relative. Our hearts and deepest feelings of sadness go out to Petronella, her family and friends.

All of you who have already bought tickets can return them of course. Currently there is no news on a new tour with Paatos. Our show with Marillion in Enschede November 19th will go on as scheduled.

For the official statement by Paatos and Glassville Music, go to: http://www.paatos.com/

May all of you, your families and loved ones be safe.


First of all: we´re sorry. Not Tony-Hayward-sorry, heck no! We’re genuinely sorry we’ve been away for so long without any notice. It has been an exciting year for us, so we took a well deserved break from the band this summer, to get our tan on and our heads together. And not only because it’s cool to dip a toe in the Mediterranean sea. No, we’ve got some big things ahead of us the next few months.

Though we'd been wishing for it for many years, it still came as a surprise when our manager and friend, Rob Palmen, presented us the tour schedule of our first European tour. There´s no use trying to begin explaining the sensation rushing through our bones when we first heard. We'll end up staring in the distance, speaking in tongues anyway.

The facts are these: together with Paatos (SE) and The Sixxis (USA) we'll be touring ten cities in eleven days from November 14th till November 24th. The other two bands will be off the sixth day of the tour, as we'll be supporting the amazing Marillion on November 19th in Enschede. Yes, you read that correctly. A Liquid Landscape will be supporting Marillion! We feel honoured to be sharing the stage with probably the biggest band we’ve ever played with.

Needless to say, we´re high with anticipation. Check out our tour section for tour dates. Just bring us that horizon!


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