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It's been almost a year since our tour with Crippled Black Phoenix. It was during the many hours on the bus where Lex got the idea for a video. Where the days all start to look alike and ever city seamlessly blends into another. He regularly set up his camera by the bus window to try and collect as many images as possible for this epic visual trip he had in mind. And now that video is finally here.

The song is about a man falling in love with a woman he knows through the internet. They never actually met and she doesn't know him at all. But this cannot stop the all consuming fire in his heart.

Check it out right here: https://youtu.be/gVTR3J9f_Gk


This calls for a celebration: THE LARGEST FIRE KNOWN TO MAN made it to no 41 in the Eclipsed Magazin album top 100! They also have a song top 20 and KEYSTONE is on no 14.

Hey bartender! Hit us with a double!

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Since 2014 has been an exceptional year for us - with a European tour, many cool shows and an album release - we really wanted to celebrate it some more with all of our followers. Call it "share the love".
Our main diva recently recorded some songs in a living room in our hometown, Groningen.
Included in these recordings are a version of Solar Ghost, featured on THE LARGEST FIRE KNOWN TO MAN, and Solar Ghost: Reprise. The latter is an unreleased version. A kind of leftover from the TLFKTM writing sessions.

So, kick back, turn up your stereo and indulge yourself with some soothing winter tunes. We love you yo. We so super friggin love you.